Our Vision

Each customer has their own personal health journey

Together, we will create new integrated customer solutions that better marry medical, behavioral and pharmacy insights to improve our customers’ total health and well-being.


High-Value Solutions

We are poised to step into a new model of health care, one that improves affordability, choice and the total health and well-being of the individuals we serve. We will address each individual as a whole person, provide improved predictability and affordability, align providers and customers to ensure the best outcomes, and approach each customer’s health journey as a continuous one.

A Unified Vision to Transform Health Care

Patients and health care providers can benefit from better coordinated and more personalized care.  Hear from some of our medical staff addressing how the combination of Cigna and Express Scripts will bring just that.


Video Library

Connecting the Dots to Transform Health Care

Together, as a combined company, we will help transform health care from disconnected to connected and from complicated to simple.

Your Health Journey

Cigna and Express Scripts have a plan to pave the way to a smoother health journey for our customers.  By delivering personalized health care that's integrated, we'll help chart a new course.

Highlights from an Interview at the Health Evolution Summit

David Brailer, MD, Chairman of Health Evolution, gleans insights from David Cordani, President & CEO of Cigna, on driving through sustainability, consolidation, and data and exponential change.

Insights with Fiona Scott Morton

Renowned economist and Yale professor Fiona Scott Morton discusses insurers and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) coming together, including the factors that make Cigna and Express Scripts a compelling combination.

How Express Scripts Practices Pharmacy Smarter

Express Scripts practices pharmacy smarter, elevating patient care through specialized, condition-specific pharmacy teams. This approach to personalized care differentiates our pharmacy, promoting healthier patient outcomes and helping control costs.

Accredo Helps One Dad Fulfill His Promise

For individuals like Garth battling cancer, Accredo pharmacists and nurses provide specialized care so he can focus on what’s most important.

Payer Reactions to New Drug Pricing

Tim Wentworth, President and CEO of Express Scripts, responds to a drug pricing question at the Health Evolution Summit.